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Strong neighborhoods form the backbone of a vibrant Baltimore.

The Citiwatch Community Partnership allows residents and small business owners to support the City's public safety agencies by sharing vital information to help identify criminals and make Baltimore safer. Together, participants increase collaboration, communication, and improve relationships between business owners, the community, and the police.

The CitiWatch Community Partnership is a voluntary registry containing the location and owner information of privately owned cameras. This information can be helpful if there's a crime in the area. Sharing this information helps to deter crime and assist law enforcement with investigations.


You can participate if you own a home, rent a place, or have a small business. You can register as many surveillance systems as you want with the CitiWatch Community Partnership. But remember, the cameras you register should face areas everyone can see, like public roads, sidewalks, streets, alleys, bridges, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks.

How to participate

Once you’ve successfully created an account, there are three easy ways to join the partnership:

  • Register your camera(s) with the CitiWatch Community Partnership;
  • Apply for a rebate and register your camera with the CitiWatch Community Partnership; or
  • Apply for a voucher, allowing you to register your camera purchased with the voucher in the CitiWatch Community Partnership.