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What is Water4All?

Water4All is a new water billing discount program designed to create more equitable access to water assistance for more Baltimore City residents. Ordinance 20-468, the Water Accountability and Equity Act, is a comprehensive law that provides for an Office of Water-Customer Advocacy and Appeals, a Committee for Office Oversight, a right to administrative and judicial appeals, a Water4All discount program, and a fair process for customers before water services are cut off or liens imposed.

Who is Eligible for Water4All?

Baltimore City residential households whose income is below 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL) may be eligible. A formula is used to calculate the maximum a household should pay for annual water and sewer services, based on a percentage of their annual income; the difference between the calculated maximum and the estimated annual water and sewer bill amount would constitute the household´s annual discount.

Residents may be eligible to receive Water4All assistance if:

  • Their income is less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines.   Updated 
    • For example, for a 4-member household that would be less than $62400.00 a year
  • They are either
    • Homeowners whose name is on the water bill
    • Tenants whose name is on the water bill and who pay the city directly for water and sewer service
    • Tenants whose name is NOT on the water bill, who do NOT pay the city directly for water and sewer service and who can provide both:
      • A lease that clearly states the tenant is responsible for paying water and sewer services separately from the rent
      • A lease that clearly states the amount to be paid monthly by the tenant for those services or a copy of the monthly invoice for water and sewer services from the landlord or the landlord´s management company
How do I get more information about Water4All?