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Notice: We can no longer accept petitions online. (citations older than 45 days)
Petitions to set trial can only be received and processed by District Court of Maryland. The City of Baltimore has no purview over this process and therefore you should request/submit petitions to: District Court of Maryland, 700 E. Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21225. The telephone number is: (410) 878-8300.

Petitions for camera citations should be sent to: District Court of Maryland, 5800 Wabash Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 410-878-8000

ATTENTION: Please do not request a trial if you received a Commercial Vehicle Height Monitoring citation and have one of the following:
1. Bill of Lading,
2. Maryland One Permit, or
3. Proof of local delivery.
Instead, please submit a request to the ATVES Ombudsman for violation exemption consideration at or by mail at:
The Department of Transportation
Attn: Ombudsman
Automatic Traffic Enforcement System
P.O. Box 22505 Baltimore, MD 21203

Note: All requests must include the original citation or the vehicle tag and/or citation numbers.

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