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  1. This site can be used to pay your Alley and Footway Surcharges.
  2. If you know the Block & Lot, enter only the Block & Lot.
  3. If you are searching by property address or owner name, you may enter any portion of either or both of those fields. When you enter data in a search field, the data you entered is looked for anywhere within that field. For example, if you enter Blue in the Address field, you will get results including Blueberry, Bluebonnet, TrueBlue, etc.
  4. Directions such as North, South, East, West should be entered as N,S,E,W with no period.
  5. If your search fails, retry with less information such as, First Search: Owner=Rosenblatt, results=0 Second Search: Owner=Rosen results=124
  6. Leave off all street suffixes such as St.,Way, Road etc.
  7. When searching by name, enter in LastName, FirstName format.
  8. If all your searches are unsuccessful, please contact the Dept. of Finance at 410-396-3987
  9. Returned search results are limited to 50 records. If you reach this limit, please refine your search criteria.
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Page Info

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